Fingers, Toes, Nose, Heart

Fingers, Toes, Nose, Heart


A simple connecting technique we use at Fabic is called Fingers, Toes, Nose, Heart. 


A simple connecting technique we use at Fabic is called Fingers, Toes, Nose, Heart. 


It is common to not bring focus and attention to our fingertips even though they are one of the most delicate parts of our body. This step is simply about bringing an awareness to our fingertips and how they feel. By touching them gently against our clothes, our arms, our other hand, the furniture or objects, we become aware of the sensitivity in this part of our body. 

Typically, this step is about bringing awareness to a part of the body as we begin to rebuild the connection with our whole body. 


As with our fingers, our toes are often a part of our body that we bring minimal focus to. Our toes are touching our socks, stockings, shoes, the ground we walk on, the sheets in our bed frequently; but unless we hurt our toes, rarely do we bring attention to them. 

This step is about rebuilding the connection with our body by simply asking to bring attention to a particular part and gently wiggling the toes and connecting to how they are feeling. 

This step can be done either on its own or at the same time as fingers and nose. 


The nose is also based on supporting a person to re-connect to their body. Here we ask them to focus on the pointy part at the tip of their nose. As they breathe in, they are encouraged to focus on the cool temperature this part of the nose is feeling. As they breathe out, the lower fleshy part of the nose experiences the warmth of the outbreath. This cycle can be repeated many times while they continue to bring focus to their fingers and their toes. 


The above three steps of fingers, toes and nose require focus on the mechanics of each movement. As a person deepens the quality of these mechanics and if attention is brought to the heart and chest area, a feeling of warmth is often experienced. This warmth is an indicator that the person is returning to connecting to themselves, connecting to their body, connecting to the innate awesome, amazing and lovable being they are. 

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