Consultancy Services

For a Behaviour Management Policy to be effective, it needs to be written with an understanding of the reasons behind people's behaviours. It is only with this understanding that true behaviour change can occur. 

All Behaviour Management Policy’s developed by Fabic are based on understanding that all unwanted behaviour is happening for a reason – it is this understanding that forms the basis for Fabic’s behavioural policies, procedures and documentations.

Knowing how to implement an effective Behaviour Management policy into an organisation can often be a complex and time consuming procedure. Without the right tools, it is common that a policy will be developed only to find upon completion that it doesn’t work. Many well-intentioned policies are now redundant in the bottom of someone’s filing cabinet.

Often what is needed is an objective outlook from someone with the know how to look for the small loop holes that make the current policies ineffective.

Whether starting from scratch or modifying an existing policy it can be supportive to have some support from an objective expert to ensure resources are not misused or obsolete.

Fabic operates a Behaviour Consultancy Service that offers guidance with the development of effective behaviour management policies and procedures for entire organisations or for individual intervention plans for a specific person. This service provides advice, intervention planning, education and mentoring to health and human services, schools, government agencies, disability services and organisations that support or interact with persons who use unwanted behaviours.

Programs are customised to suit the specific needs of an organisation.

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