Clinical Services

Body Life Skills Program

Fabic’s clinical services are all based on the Body Life Skills Program, a program that supports people to understand and change unwanted behaviour...

Behaviour Specialist Consultations

Fabic's behaviour specialist consultations are available to people of all ages with any challenges! The only criterion is that you are using a behaviour you would prefer not to be using… now that’s all of us!

Speech Pathology

Fabic’s Speech Pathologist Kathryn Maroney offers services that include support for children and adults with speech clarity, dyspraxia, stuttering and social and conversation skills.

Occupational Therapy

Fabic’s Occupational Therapy services support people with function in daily living tasks, school skills and learning challenges, fine & gross motor abilities, developmental delays & neurological disorders and more…

Behaviour Specialist Consultancy Services

Fabic offers guidance with the development of effective behaviour management policies and procedures for entire organisations or for individual intervention plans for a specific person.

Staff Mentoring

Fabic’s staff mentoring program has been designed to support carers to implement Fabic’s Behaviour Methodology into a client's natural environment – the best way to do this is to train the staff to do so!


Designed to support the identification of a person’s natural strengths and natural weakness, the purpose of our assessments is never to compare a person with another, label or diagnose, but rather to utilise the results so that we are able to best support the client in their natural setting.

Client Group Training Programs

Our client training programs are designed for small groups of people who are experiencing similar challenges. The small groups allow for an interactive style presentation supporting participants to practically apply the information on offer.

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