Understanding behaviour via Fabic’s Body Life Skills program - 3 APRIL 2018

2 hr | cost $66 | 3 Apr
Online via Webinar

We all use behaviour all day, every day … we are never not using a behaviour. We all have, had or will have behaviours in our repertoire we would prefer not to use. Further to that, most have attempted to change their own or another person’s non-preferred behaviours at some stage … sometimes successfully, and other times not.

One reason for failed attempts at behaviour change is that the reason for the behaviour has not been addressed … we have not brought understanding.

This webinar will explore in detail the essential behaviour principle that ‘every behaviour is happening for a reason’ … thus for successful behaviour change to occur we must develop tools to bring understanding to any person’s unwanted behaviours first. We will introduce the revolutionary Body Life Skills Program that, when used effectively, brings understanding to non-preferred behaviours; with this understanding lasting behaviour change is then possible.

This is a foundational course for all who are serious about behaviour change.

Date of Event: 
Tuesday, 03 April 2018
11:30am - 1:30pm AEST
AUD $66.00 inclusive of GST

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