Changing Behaviour 3 NOVEMBER 2017

1 day | cost $125 | 3 Nov
Fabic Centre, Gold Coast

Participants will be offered an understanding of the reasons why certain behaviours are used.

With this understanding, participants will be offered skills to
support lasting behaviour change for themselves and others.

Workshop attendance also available online via webinar and delayed telecast. Please contact Fabic for further information or book in now.


Whether it be a three-year-old or an eighty-year-old, we allhave used unwanted and non-preferred behaviours at some point in our life and will in the future, unless we are supported and taught how to respond differently.

This workshop offers participants a greater understanding of the reasons behind their unwanted behaviours and provides the practical tools to choose differently. Our focus will be on offering preventative and skills-building strategies to respond to life.

Participants will learn how to respond to life, rather than reacting to life.

The use of real life examples and the opportunity to practise learnt strategies will allow participants to develop a depth of understanding that can easily be integrated into everyday life.

“The more we use wanted and preferred behaviours,
the less time we have for
non-preferred and unwanted behaviours.”

What you will learn

  1. People are not their behaviour 
  2. Foundational understanding of behaviour 
  3. Fabic’s 3-step process to behaviour change
    • Body Life Skills
    • Behaviour Scale 
    • I Choose Chart 
  4. Types of behavioural intervention 
  5. How our responses influence behaviour change in other people
    • Punishment vs reinforcement and appreciation
    • Consistency 
  6. Teaching alternative appropriate behaviours
  7. Token economy 
  8. Creating predictability and a sense of purpose
    • Visual schedules 
    • Task breakdown templates 
  9. Communication and social skills 

Who for?

Anyone ready to truly understand behaviour and with the intent to bring lasting behaviour change, whether to themselves or others. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Human Services staff (Education, Disability, Mental Health, Health and Allied Health, Justice, Welfare, Residential Support Networks, Police, Justice)
  • People already supporting or trying to manage behaviour change in others, i.e. parents, partners, siblings, grandparents, carers, employers, relatives and friends. 
  • Anyone who would like to develop a greater understanding of unwanted behaviours for themselves or another/others. 

About the Presenter

Tanya Curtis - Senior Behaviour Specialist

Tanya Curtis is a highly renowned Behaviour Specialist and Counsellor who has a wealth of experience working with children, teenagers and adults facing challenges related to understanding and changing unwanted behaviour. She brings a practical, simple and very effective approach to behaviour change based on supporting people to develop concrete, successful skills to respond to the day-to-day challenges of life, while simultaneously valuing each person for the awesome, amazing and lovable being they naturally are.

Tanya is founder and managing director of Fabic, a multi-disciplinary behaviour specialist centre based on the Gold Coast, Australia; she presents workshops locally, nationally and internationally as well as being a published author, DVD presenter, app and product developer and student supervisor. 

Tanya has been working in this field since 2002 and draws on her lived and professional experience which is backed by a Master of Behaviour Management, Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Behaviour Management) and an Associate Diploma of Education.

Tanya offers behaviour specialist and counselling sessions to individuals, families and workplaces from the Fabic offices on the Gold Coast, the UniMed Brisbane clinic in Fairfield, her office in Lismore Heights, over the phone and via web-based platforms. 


Date of Event: 
Friday, 03 November 2017
9am - 3pm
Registration Time: 
$125 per person inc. GST.
What to Bring: 

This is a self catered workshop so please provide your own meals, means of hydration and refreshments. Food venues are close by should you choose to purchase.