Universal Medicine Meditations

Universal Medicine Meditiations

At the heart of Fabic's philosophy is that we are already awesome amazing lovable beings not for what we do, but for who we are, and nothing that we choose to do will change this fact.

Universal Medicine Meditations

Meditation is simply a tool we can use to re-connect us back to this undeniable fact and bring us back to a state of clarity within ourselves again.

It is in truth not neccessarily just a breathing exercise but a way of being in all we do that keeps us in constant awareness and eventually livingness of the fact of how awesome and amazing we are and forever will be.

On the Behaviour Scale chart we can say that when one as at code blue, they are at that moment more connected and more aware of who they truly are within themselves. When one is higher on the scale at codes green, yellow, orange or red, one is progressively less aware of the fact of how awesome they really are and are exhibitting behaviours that reflect this disconnection back to themselves but it still does not change the fact of who they really are within.

The use of the Gentle Breath Meditation as founded by Serge Benhayon, is a technique we can use to help support a process of re-connecting to our body and feeling ourselves once again. When we are less aware of the awesomness of who we really are, and hence are at higher colours on the Behaviour Scale we are also less aware of our body and our state of being. Coming back to our body is a way we can reduce the exhibition of the emotional state we are in and this can in itself bring us closer to a code blue.

When we are further from blue we have less clarity within our state of being to make clearer, more supportive and hence more loving choices for ourselves and for another.

Living closer to code blue is definitely a recipe for a life of truer health and well being, living in a way that is with more clarity and less reaction to what is going on in life.

There are many versions of the Gentle Breath Meditation that can specifically assist with different aspects of how we are and what we may be experiencing in life. No meditiation is the best one and the one that may support you best with re-connection may vary from situation to situation.

Meditation for Beginners

  • Yummy Gentle Breath Meditation

    We all get caught up from time to time in breathing situations we are in rather than breathing our own breath but one of the greatest blessings we have is the rhythm of out own breath.

  • Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation

    This is great to listen to if you are doing the Gentle Breath Meditation™ for the first time or even if you have done it many times.

  • Reconnecting Gentle Breath Meditation

    Give your body permission to be gentle and feel the warmth in your lungs. Allow yourself to re-connect to a known quality as you breathe only what you choose to.

Connecting to Your Essence

  • Your Essence Gentle Breath Meditation

    This meditation reminds us that it is possible to know who we are in any moment without interference through our senses, and that by meeting others in connection to our essence we can truly be of service.

  • Quality Building Gentle Breath Meditation

    Breathing in honour of you creates the space to enjoy the warmth and stillness within without a need to ‘do’ anything.

Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

Meditation and Presence

Living Your Meditation