Healing Eye Pillow

Healing Eye Pillow


This is a product from the Self Care Range and Practitioner Range at

This is a product from the Self Care Range and Practitioner Range at Feather Light Productions.

Around the world people and practitioners alike have embraced the support of the Healing Eye Pillow. Its widespread success can be attributed to the experience of love and deep gentleness that it offers, not only to the eyes but the whole body. 

It is made of 100% pure silk, filled with flaxseeds, ever so lightly scented with quality essential oils and made with love and great care. This versatile product can be enhanced when warmed before use.*

*We recommend heating in a towel warmer (see eBay) and never in a microwave. Overheating may damage the product.

This Product May Be Used To Assist:

  • Resting, meditation, self-healing
  • As part of a healing treatment in healing sessions
  • For travelling – to rest the eyes. Please be aware that some countries (e.g. Australia) will have import restrictions.

The Healing Eye Pillow makes a great gift for young and old.

It is made to order and currently takes up to 4 days to dispatch.

Made in Australia, 100% gluten free.

Developed and produced with love by Miranda Benhayon and Desiree Delaloye.

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