Workshop Telecast Recordings

Delayed Fabic Workshop Recordings

Throughout the year Fabic has recorded many of the workshops that have been hosted and these are available for viewing by anyone right around the world. Anyone can still register and pay for viewing these recordings even though the workshop has already been presented.

Fabic Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis has presented on a range of topics that are pertinant to us all in our modern day times in one way or another as all if not most of the behaviours mentioned have been the experience of nearly everyone at some point in our lives.

The workshops that are available for delayed viewing are:

Workshop/Presentation Duration Price
Understanding Depression 2 hours $50
ASD Reducing Anxiety and Unwanted Behaviours 4.5 hours $125
Understanding Social Skills 2 hours $50
Perfectionism ... Is it Holding Us Back? 4.5 hours $125
Practical Behaviour Strategies for Schools 4.5 hours $125
The Body Life Skills Program - Tools to Bring Lasting Behaviour Change 6 hours $125
Anxiety and its Impacts on Unwanted Behaviours 2 hours $50
Perfectionism - The Impacts of Perfectionism on our Everyday Life 5 hours $125

If you would like to view one of these fantastic recordings, please contact us, letting us know of the particular recording you would like to see and then we will send an invoice and a link for viewing the associated recording.