Group Programs at Fabic

The Fabic clinical team will hold a series of group programs for children, teenagers and adults throughout each school term. Included below is a description of the current programs offered. These groups are designed to support people of similar age and experiences in life to develop and practice the practical skills required to support them to feel less anxious and more equipped to respond to the challenges they encounter in their day-to-day life.

Enrolment for groups is taken at the beginning of each school term. Further information below:


FABIC Social Skills Groups ~ Term 4, 2017 

In Term 4, Fabic will be offering a series of Social Skills Groups.

Social Skills Groups:

Fabic offers social skills groups for preschool children, school aged children and teenagers. 

Social skills groups are an opportunity for children to develop new social skills, and build on existing skills, in real interactions with peers. We have found this to be a highly effective way for children to develop social skills and (with support) learn to integrate them into their other social interactions outside of the group. 

The groups are put put together based on the availability of families and grouping students together who are likely to support each other in developing their individual goals. The format of each group is structured around the skills that each child/teen in the group needs to develop and each group will typically include work on conversation skills and a group work or play based activity to give each child/teen the opportunity to develop individual skills within tasks that the group would commonly find challenging.

Specific skills relevant to a particular group will also be developed such as:

  • reading and interpreting non-verbal cues,
  • 50/50 within play and conversation,
  • understanding the behaviours of others without needing to change them,
  • the message the person received vs the message you intended to send,
  • compromising,
  • negotiating,
  • responding to bullying
  • and other skills relevant to the particular group. 

Groups can be organised on the following days/times: 

Tuesdays*: 3.30pm, 4.30pm

Wednesdays: 5.30pm

Saturdays: Throughout the day 

*Preschool groups can also be scheduled throughout the day on Tuesday.


Below is the fee schedule for all Social Skills Groups. 


Price Per Session

Total For All Sessions

1 session $100ea ($110ea HCWA) $100ea ($110ea HCWA)
2 sessions $95ea ($104.50ea HCWA) $190 per group ($209 HCWA/BSCD)
3 sessions $90ea ($99ea HCWA) $270 per group ($297 HCWA/BSCD)
4 sessions $85ea ($93.5ea HCWA) $340 per group ($374 HCWA/BSCD)
5 sessions $82ea ($93.50ea HCWA) $410 per group ($451 HCWA/BSCD)
6 sessions $80ea ($88ea HCWA) $480 per group ($528 HCWA/BSCD)
7 sessions $78ea ($89ea HCWA) $546 per group ($623 HCWA/BSCD)
8 sessions $75ea ($82.50ea HCWA) $600 per group ($660 HCWA/BSCD)

Helping Children with Autism (HCWA), Better Start for Children with Disabilities (BSCD) and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding can be used for these groups as well as private health fund rebates.


If you are interested in booking in for a group or if you would like further information please email:  

Please include the following information when emailing an expression of interest for a group: 

  • Child’s name, age and school year level 
  • Length of group you are interested in 
  • All days/times you are available