Fabic Social Skills Groups

These groups are designed to support people of similar age and experiences in life to develop and practice the practical skills required to support them to feel less anxious and more equipped to respond to the challenges they encounter in their day-to-day life.

Fabic offers social skills groups throughout the year to support children, teenagers and adults, to develop the skills needed for successful social interactions as well as in developing and maintaining friendships and relationships. These groups are arranged throughout the year, as needed, based on interest and the particular needs of the clients.

Each group is put together based on which clients will best support each other to develop their individual skills as well as the availability of the families. Depending on what’s going to best support, sometimes we arranged pairs, groups of 3 or sometimes 4. A pair can be excellent for honing in on certain skills and building the skills for successful 1:1 interactions and relationships. In other cases, 3 or even 4 is the most supportive for clients who have good skills in 1:1 interactions but who struggle in groups. Groups are typically booked in 6-8 week blocks after an initial trial sessions.

The groups can be used to build skills from scratch and also to help people who have already learnt skills to gain experience at applying them and further refining. In some cases, we recommend that clients have 1-2 individual sessions before commencing a group to introduce particular skills. As the groups are developed to address the individual needs of the participants, every group looks different and we don’t have a standard format or template. Each group is developed from scratch and adapted as needed based on where the group is at week-to-week.


Cost: $80 per group session (private health, HCWA funding, BSCD funding and NDIS funding can be used)

Session duration: 50 minutes

Location: Fabic's Gold Coast, Lismore and Brisbane Clinics

Days/Times: Groups can be organised throughout the week including Saturdays — times are determined based on the availability of the clinician and families involved

Before Booking: If a client is new to the clinician running the groups, we typically organise an initial session for the clinician to meet the family and discuss the particular needs of the person

If you are interested in a social skills group for yourself or your child/teenager, please phone Fabic on (07) 5530 5099 or email for more information.

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