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Like it or not relationships are part and parcel of everyday life. We simply cannot exist on our own and we are not designed to. And therefore having a solid understanding and practical application of what social skills are and how to use them is crucial to mastering every day life.

Just about everyone has experienced what it is like to miscommunicate a message to someone or misunderstand what they are saying. Sometimes they can interpret what we say as almost the complete opposite of what we were initially meaning!

How important are social skills then in our everyday life... very!

And how important then is it to never take such skills for granted however basic they may seem. They are after all sometimes the least well practiced skill and the consequences are evident in the overall health of relationships everywhere?


Building Trust Through Consistency

How often do we say we will one thing and then do something completely different such as saying we will be home at 4 and then not arrive home till after 5? The impact that this has on our relationships with others especially our children is huge and can often lead them to developing that exact same behaviour later in life.

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