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Audio gold on perfectionism

Perfectionism stems from one core problem and that is simply the case of someone seeing their behaviour and hence their 'doing' as who they are. Nearly all of us at some point in our lives have experienced the need to get something perfect and while attention to detail is great, getting obsessed about it is another issue in itself.

When we place more importance on our doings than who are already are, we are in truth going into a form of perfectionism. We are ALL equally awesome, amazing and loveable beings and this is regardless of whether we get an A+ or a B- on our score card. While these grades are of course important, they are still not anymore important than being who you truly are first!

Perfectionism is more common and ingrained in society than we realise and the consequence is evident in many of the behaviours we tend to struggle with understanding and changing.

Could one of the keys to healing this issue be simply to come back to what our body is already showing us?


Perfectionism and Issues with Winning and Losing

Tanya Curtis explains how Fabic’s Body Life Skills program can be applied to children and adults whose lives are being affected by perfectionism and issues with winning and losing to support true and lasting behaviour change.

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