Social Skills

Conforming to society? Or learning to deal with judgement

How does a person with ASD deal with the judgement that often comes from a society that has picture around what a person's behaviour 'should' look like? In this video Tanya Curtis explores how to support yourself in the face of judgement and focus on the changes that you would like to make to your unwanted behaviour without taking on the projections of others.

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Body Life Skills - The value of appreciating each others strengths and weaknesses

It is always important to understand that we ALL have areas of life we have mastered and is our strengths, and also equally areas of life we are yet to master and are our weaknesses. We can all learn from each others strengths and together support each other to develop our weaknesses by understand what are each others strengths and weaknesses

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Social Skills - Exact vs Approximate

We all see the world differently and quite often these differing perspectives clash with each other in ways that create negative experiences for the other person. One such example is with those who view the world on an exact basis and those who view the world on an approximate basis. 

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