Body Life Skills - Behaviours do not belong to one person…

Very rarely does a behaviour belong to just one person.

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What Behaviours are being seen from Screen Time?

Our time behind the screen is having a massive impact on not only the behaviour of children and teenagers but adults too.

Fabic Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis shares her observations of the impacts.

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Parenting Tips - The Word No

The word 'No' is one that often prompts a person to go to red almost instantly as the perceived level of control that person has over the situation is seen to be taken away. But how often does no really mean yes, just when a certain condition is met? 

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Parenting - Live What You Teach

As parents we are to "live in a way where we would like our children to be when they grow up". Is what we are doing the way we would endorse our children to live in the future when they are grown up as adults just like we are now?

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Parenting Tips - Embracing Your Role as a Teacher

The "whats next?" question is key with parenting. We must be seeing that as parents we are the child's life time teacher and are therefore more than just raising a child. We are raising another human being to live to their full potential. 

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