Body Life Skills - Anxiety, Behaviour, Schools and Withdrawal

Most of us consider anxiety to be something extreme. We tend to look out and see more intense behaviours going on in others and thinking that we are ok because we are not exhibiting the same intensity of behaviour but that does not mean we do not have anxiety. Have we normalised anxiety simply because most of us do not exhibit the extreme behaviours?

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Body Life Skills - resignation and settling for function...

As a society we have resigned to the fact that life is as it is and that behaviours are deteriorating and not truly getting better. We have collectively settled for a lesser quality of life. The Body Life Skills Program allows us to practically take responsibility for our behaviours and through understanding feel there is a greater quality we can live with each day.

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Body Life Skills - The science, evidence and practical application of The Body Life Skills program

The Body Life Skills Program is based on a process of scientific assessment which is absolutely gold in theory but not very accessible to the everyday person. Tanya Curtis has taken this assessment and made it relative to us all in the Body Life Skills Program.

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Body Life Skills - Anxiety and behaviour … how are they related

To understand behaviour one must understand anxiety. Anxiety is simply a communication from our body that there is a part of life we are being presented with that we do not perceive we have the skills to respond to. Yet underneath all of us we are equipped with everything we need to master all life presents us with.

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Body Life Skills - Behaviour is not who a person is, it is what they do

The distinction between our being already being complete and whole and everything we could ever need and our doing the aspect were we are not perfect and we sometimes need to develop skills is crucial to understand behaviour and achieving lasting and true behaviour change.

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Body Life Skills - Summarizing the practical application of the Body Life Skills program

The Body Life Skills Program is a very simple, practical and effective way of without judgement identifying our unwanted undesirable behaviours and yes correctly highlighting the need for them to change, yet also seeing that underneath no matter the behaviour, we all are equally amazing lovable beings.

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Body Life Skills - Deepening the Quality of Our Life

Is there so much more to life than just the day to day function and anxiety most of us live with?

Yes absolutely there is! The Body Life Skills Program is a simple practical and very effective tool in our tool box that we can use to truly understand life and our unwanted behaviours and actually change them to allow more of who we are to come out.

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