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Products beyond the FABIC authored range that we find useful and recommend

Return to the Soul


by Cynthia Hickman, Soul Psychologist

Making The Ancient Wisdom of The Soul Accessible and Real for Everyday Life

The book, Return to the Soul, is an invitation to engage with life from the perspective of the soul. 

Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have pointed to a deeper reality behind the façade of everyday life. Without these deeper understandings, life can seem chaotic, unjust and pointless. 

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Break The Chain


Robbie Boyd is back with his stunning second album ‘Break The Chain’ – bursting with soulful, heartfelt songs that showcase Robbie at his finest. Once again Boyd delivers an eclectic mix of toe-tapping folk anthems, sensitive indie ballads, and his notorious sing-along refrains, with a fresh sense of energy and playfulness thrown into the mix.

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Sensational Water Beads


These beads are designed to absorb water till they become marble sized sensations!

The beads are non-toxic and safe for children to play with although because of their size it is wise to not use them with children who are very young as they can be a swallowing hazard.

The beads offer a visual sensory support for children who are developing this skill.

For more information on how these beads can support your child, please contact us.

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Oral Tubing Pack


These offer a latex-free option for children who like to chew on non-food objects.

These may support a child with feeding and/or oral motor difficulties or simply those seeking oral-motor input.

Allows you to sample which grade of tubing is preferred for chewing by your child.

For more info on how to use this product and how it may support, contact us.

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Fidget Spinners


The sensory nature of these spinners offers a calming and supportive effect for children and can support them in the process of coming back to their body and hence a state of Code Blue.

These are particular supportive for children with ADHD, ASD or other autism condition, or simply those who feel a degree of anxiety as it can bring them back to the moment by bringing greater concentration to what they are doing.

For more information about how these can support children please contact us.

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Therapressure Brush


This brush is specially designed to support a child with an ASD or Asperges Syndrome to come back to themselves and hence a state of Code Blue through the therapeutic nature of the brush when applied to their skin.

This oval shaped brush is easier to use than regular sensory brushes in that it comes with an attached handle and has a more ergonomic design that makes it fit comfortable in your hand.

For more information about how to use this brush, please contact us.

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Smencils - 10 Pack


Made from 100% recycled newspaper, these scented pens come in a whole range of scented smells from strawberry to lemon and everything in between.

These can be specifically used with children as a way of bringing them back to their body and hence back to a state of contentness at code blue.

This pack includes 10 different coloured, uniquely scented smencils.

To find out more about smencils visit their website

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In-Full Bloom (CD)


Melbourne based singer songwriter Rachael Kane is gracing the airwaves once again with new album In Full Bloom, a collection of beautifully crafted tracks that move from catchy guitar/synth pop tunes, to sexy, funky, power grooves and delicate, spacious ballads – all held together as warm invitations to stop and ponder lifes’ big questions.

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The Dance Album - Volume 5 (CD)


One of the simplest and most effective forms of coming back to code blue is through movement.

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