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The Body Life Skills Program: Book 3


Book 3: Practical Skills for Lasting Behaviour Change

Replacing Management, Relief and Short-Term Solutions with Lasting Behaviour Change

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Sensational Water Beads


These beads are designed to absorb water till they become marble sized sensations!

The beads are non-toxic and safe for children to play with although because of their size it is wise to not use them with children who are very young as they can be a swallowing hazard.

The beads offer a visual sensory support for children who are developing this skill.

For more information on how these beads can support your child, please contact us.

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Oral Tubing Pack


These offer a latex-free option for children who like to chew on non-food objects.

These may support a child with feeding and/or oral motor difficulties or simply those seeking oral-motor input.

Allows you to sample which grade of tubing is preferred for chewing by your child.

For more info on how to use this product and how it may support, contact us.

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The Body Life Skills Program: Book 1


3 steps to understanding and changing behaviour

The Body Life Skills program offers a simple, practical, user friendly and life changing 3-step process that brings about lasting behaviour change.

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Behaviour/Anxiety Scale - A Visual Depiction


This Fabic Behaviour/Anxiety Scale provides some pointers and a depiction of the information that can be added when personalising a behaviour scale for any one person. 

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Fridge Magnet / Whiteboard with Fabic Sayings + Whiteboard pen


This magnet and mini whiteboard comes with frequently used Fabic quotes to visually prompt you and others to remember and apply simple behaviour change techniques throughout each day. Includes a magnetic whiteboard pen to write messages, lists, schedules etc.

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Fabic Posters Pack


All posters available in an A4 bound folder which includes:

29 x Fabic Posters

4 x Completed I Choose Charts

1 x Fabic whiteboard + pen (includes 10 Fabic quotes to support behaviour change)

*these are not laminated

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3 x DVDs Package


Includes 3 x Fabic DVDs:

1. An Introduction to Understanding & Changing Behaviour

2. Understanding Bullying

3. An Introduction to Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

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I Choose Chart - A Visual Description


This Fabic I Choose Chart provides some pointers and a depiction of the information that can be added when personalising an I Choose Chart for any one person. 

*A more detailed explanation of the Fabic I Choose Chart can be found in the Body Life Skills program books. 

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Rules, Pictures and Smashed Pictures


In the Body Life Skills program we use the word ‘picture’ to describe the images we conjure as to how we anticipate life is going to be. We are all every single day creating images of the way we think life should be. Our pictures are often what at Fabic we refer to as our: 

  1. Shoulds 
  2. Wants 
  3. Needs 
  4. Expectations 
  5. Attachments 

We create pictures about: 

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