The Body Life Skills Program: Book 3


Book 3: Practical Skills for Lasting Behaviour Change

Replacing Management, Relief and Short-Term Solutions with Lasting Behaviour Change

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The Body Life Skills Program: Book 1


3 steps to understanding and changing behaviour

The Body Life Skills program offers a simple, practical, user friendly and life changing 3-step process that brings about lasting behaviour change.

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Box Set - Creative 'Colouring' Book + SunLight Ink Book of Your Choice


Box Set of Creative 'Colouring' Book for all young artists, as well as one book of your choice from the Sunlight Ink series.

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All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome


This a lovely book that explains the characteristics of Asperegers syndrome to the reader in a very gentle and non-threatening way. Great for all people who spend time with a person who has the characteristics of Aspergers syndrome to read, including the person themself.

Simple yet very educational.

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Bridging Foods Cook Book


by Sally Green & Nicole Sjardin

For every meal or snack, we all make a call about what food we are going to eat. What is behind these choices? And how does this affect what ends up on our plate?

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